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Healing with Gems and Color

The life force of the minerals kingdom is the gemstones. The gemstones can be described as stores of the cosmic energy sent to the earth by the cosmos, and other planets within our solar system. These gems are considered a bridge between Earth and all the other celestial bodies. According to Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda, gems harness special energies which can enhance a person’s quality of life that site.

White light can be divided into seven colors (as in the rainbow) and two invisible ones, ultraviolet and infrared. Ayurveda considers the balance of these cosmic rays an essential part of physical and emotional well-being. Disease begins when the body is deficient in any one of these cosmic radiations.

These cosmic rays, which are found in abundance in natural gemstones, can never be exhausted even though they have been used in gem therapy for years. It is possible that the gem we think it looks like does not reflect the actual cosmic colors. It is easy to see the true cosmic color of a gem by looking at it through a prism. While ruby and emerald are actually green and red, the actual cosmic color of a gem is indigo, blue sapphire and pearl emit violet and orange colors respectively. Many other gemstones also transmit visible colors. The concentrated colors of the gemstones are released to the physical as well as the ethereal bodies when they are used for healing.

Vedic and Ayurvedic astrology both recommend specific uses of gemstones that amplify cosmic rays. When gems are properly used and prescribed, they can create a positive effect on the individual’s emotional, physical, and spiritual health. The nine light rays visible and invisible colors are transmitted by the specific nine gems. Ayurveda’s thousands-year-old literature has spoken of these gems’ healing powers. Here are some of the many health benefits that these gems can bring to your body.

The red-colored Ruby transmits an intense solar energy that stimulates and warms, and also promotes blood circulation. This can be used to strengthen the heart and increase the flow of vitality.
A gentle lunar force cools and moisturizes pearl, which transmits an orange hue. It counters dryness, improves respiration, and soothes emotions.
Red Coral, which transmits yellow color, has the ability to send a warming and strengthening energy to the blood and muscles. This coral is believed to have the ability to increase male sexual energy. It can also be used for treating impotence.
It transmits the color of green and carries a cool energy. This will help to ease pain, calm nerves, and alleviate tremors. It aids in healing burns and other skin diseases such as eczema.
Yellow sapphire (transmits the blue color) is good for your health and vitality. It can be used as an overall “tonic” to strengthen your body. This has been particularly effective in elderly patients.
It is very energizing for the mind and body. It is good for strengthening the lungs and can be used for problems with female sexual desire, infertility, or other issues.
It cools, cleans, and detoxifies. Blue sapphire has an incredible ability to calm the body. It is often used in medical treatments to put patients to sleep. However, they are able to wake up refreshed and more energetic after only 20 minutes.
Hessonite garnet, which transmits ultraviolet light, strengthens nerve tissues and supports the endocrine and endocrine systems.
Cats’eye of Chrysoberyl (transmits Infrared), increases heat in your body, and takes toxins out of the nervous system.

Gems work best in special “gem therapy” lamps. Advanced uses may also include an electronic instrument which emits an extra vibration on the light that passes through the gem and then beams the energy onto the affected area.

This instrument and lamp is used in top resort spas for stimulating and relaxing, and for increasing skin elasticity. Certain spa treatments are now available to be combined with other popular treatments like facials or massage. Balaji Gem Instruments’ “Navaratna Gem Lamps” was displayed at a Resort and Medical Spa. It attracted crowds because they gave complementary treatments to spa guests and owners to prove how effective it is.

One prominent European spa magazine editor declared his conviction that gem therapy “is the medicine of tomorrow”. His comment is not only a statement that could be considered prophetic by natural health practitioners like Ayurvedic doctors, chiropractors, and Ayurvedic physicians, but also by a handful of progressive allopathic surgeons and doctors.

As ancient Ayurvedic healing continues to be accepted by other doctors of various health systems, so too will this incredible method of revitalization and healing.

Howard Beckman (aka “Hamsavatar”) has maintained a full-time practice for 35+ years as a Vedic Astrologer/Planetary Geologist. Beckman’s ability to understand the inner workings of an individual and predict the future, as well as to suggest positive actions, have earned him a reputation for being a respected astrologer. As a tutor and member of American Counsel Vedic Astrology as well as the founding member of Planetary Gemologist Association, He has been a member and tutor. His clientele includes many practicing astrologers, which is why he’s called “Astrologer’s Astrologer”.

It is well-known for his ability to recommend remedial steps, which include gems, mantras or yantras. These will redirect and strengthen energies. They can also counteract harmful influences and help to lessen any future difficulties. The books “An introduction to Vedic Astrology,” “Mantras, Yantras & Fabulous Gems”, along with the “Vibrational Healing with Gems”, were all written by him. His wife Jennifer “Yogamaya”, Beckman also co-authored Ayurvedic Gem Therapy Correspondence Course.

Balaji GL108 Navaratna Lamp is his invention. These lamps contain gems and an electronic medical instrument which imposes certain frequencies of healing at all levels. Howard is the director of The Vedic Cultural Fellowship, New Rishikesh Ashram and New Rishikesh Ashram. Howard is an experienced teacher and practitioner. He also travels widely to share his expertise by giving lectures, workshops, and retreats all over the globe. Yogamaya is presenting a seminar on the link between the stars, subtle anatomy, and our emotional, spiritual and physical health, “The Three Sister Sciences: Jyotish Ayurveda, Yoga, and Yoga.”