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A tip to help heal your self – Practice expectation

Sometimes you just have to wait. What can be done to make it happen for you? There are many things that you can do to help, but the most important thing is to expect healing. You can get the best guide on

Expectancy is key to healing. These are the reasons why you may not experience healing if your expectations of healing are not met.

You will feel fear, worry, depression and sadness if you lack expectancy or doubt healing This causes your body’s chemical makeup to change in a detrimental way. When you are unable to expectancy or doubt during illness, it can cause physical and emotional problems. This may lead to you not eating well, sleeping well, and accomplishing little during the day. A tendency to not want to do anything other than sit around and do nothing is common. The lack of expectation can lead to doubt that causes you to think all the wrong things.

Fear – What if I don’t get well, can’t get well?
Worry — I may never get better, I’ll never do the things I love.
Depression It’s not worth living if I’m constantly sick.
Sadness It’s hard to be happy when you’re sick.

These thoughts can add symptoms to an already existing disease, which could then be treated as well. The following are some examples of healing treatments:

Medical care under the guidance of a doctor.
Self-treatment for medical conditions that you can do yourself. Self-treatment could include exercises or special diets.
Spiritual healing treatments
Other methods you might use to help your body heal

Expectancy and doubt defeat spiritual treatment because Spiritual Law teaches that you create what you think. If you don’t expect healing, you won’t. If you have doubts about your ability to heal, your thinking will focus on your doubts instead of your intention to heal. Spiritual Law says that you create energy to satisfy your doubts, rather than creating energy to heal your body. and you won’t get well. You won’t get well if you expect to be healed if you have your mind filled with hope (I can get well, it is possible), you will then create energies that meet your expectations for healing and improvement.

It is important that you expect to heal, and not just hope to. There is a big difference between hoping and waiting. Hope implies uncertainty, doubt. It can be interpreted as a desire to heal yourself, but not knowing if you will. Expectancy, however, declares certainty. This is when you know that healing is imminent.

If it’s impossible for me to believe I will heal, then how can you expect it?

If you are unable to believe or expect that you will be healed, then practice believing and expecting. To do this, you need to continually, consciously and purposefully tell yourself that no matter how difficult things are, you will be healed. You can choose to replace negative thoughts with positive ones when doubts, fear, or worry arise in your mind. Mentally placing one stamp over the other is one way to do it. The first stamp is “I can not be healed.” The second stamp states that “I can’t be healed.” You place the second postage stamp above the first. This mental action eliminates all notions of illness and gives you a sense of well-being and healing. It is an effective healing tool.