Avoid these common SEO mistakes for startups!

The most important tool for startups is search engine optimization. This requires a high-quality strategy and a highly talented team. Our busy entrepreneurs often make silly SEO mistakes. This article will explain the most common ones. Read more now on SuperstarSEO

SEO is a vital part of digital marketing strategies today. Google Penguin has caused some rumors that the SEO era is over, but this is not true. After a closer inspection, it is still possible to say that SEO has the ability to rank higher than other strategies. Only the rules and ways of playing the game have changed.

SEO can be a tough nut to crack for startups. Without a good SEO strategy, it is impossible to imagine traffic, leads or revenue. Since I’ve worked with many Vancouver-based companies, mainly startups, I can tell you that SEO has a direct or indirect impact on your visibility. The highest ROI marketing activity for a startup is organic traffic, but the payoff always takes time. Due to this delayed payoff, many startups think to either do it later or outsource the whole SEO to a third-party agency.

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